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Fight more fish, not your trolling motor!

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Troll Perfect
Get control of your electric trolling motor!

Whether fishing in wind, waves, current, or just whenever you need the high speed settings, Troll Perfect will allow you to stop fighting the kick back, and side to side torque steer of your trolling motor. Now you can concentrate on fishing (Troll Perfect will also eliminate that "sloppy foot pedal" issue).

Installation is fast and simple, it takes only minutes, and without any modification to your trolling motor.


Our patented (#7967650) device clamps over the motor shaft swivel bearing and allows you to easily adjust the tension on your cable steering. By allowing this precision control of your trolling motor, you can instantly adapt to any condition on the water. Troll Perfect means less effort, less fatigue, and better fishing (see testimonial page reviews). See our Installation instructions to see how easy it is to install your Troll Perfect.


Adjusting Troll Perfect is fast and easy. A small 1/4 turn adjustment of the lower stainless steel clamp is enough to fine tune your trolling motor just the way you like it.



Here are just some of the professional anglers who have utilized a Troll Perfect on their boat while competing in the 2013/2014 BASS Elite tournament series:


Aaron Martens, Brent Chapman, Kevin VanDam, Cliff Prince, Dean Rojas, Gerald Swindle, Mike Iaconelli, Gary Klein, James Niggemeyer, Ish Monroe, John Crews, Mike McClelland, Paul Elias, Tommy Biffle, Chad Pipkens, Russ Lane, Scott Rook, Skeet Reese.



Bassmaster's "Angler Of the Year" for 2012 Brent Chapman, and for 2013 Aaron Martens, on the magazine cover using their Troll Perfect because it helps them catch fish!









YES, IT WORKS THAT GOOD for your MotorGuide Tour model!




Troll Perfect features 100% stainless steel hardware, and a special polymer material that will give you years of service (guaranteed to last the life of your boat). Other than occasional cleaning, there is no maintenance or lubrication required.


We have versions to fit Minn Kota, MotorGuide, Tracker, and Prowler (designed for remote, foot control, cable steer trolling motors only).





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Do you have a
 Use it with your Troll Perfect, to hold the front of your boat steady.
By using the high tension setting on your Troll Perfect, and the "constant on" switch on your trollling motor, you can keep the nose of the boat in position while you fish.



Check out comments from B.A.S.S. elite fisherman Gerald Swindle at Toledo Bend


Troll Perfect used by bass tournament pros.


Walleye and Crappie Fishermen: use Troll Perfect to make precise turns or hold your electric motor in a specific direction- even at high speed settings. 




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Watch this video and see how Troll Perfect will work on your boat!




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